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Outdoor Winter Services Farmington MI

Winters in Michigan are unpredictable. Green Acres can take the guess work out of winter with our top quality snow removal service. We are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the safety of our customers. In order to ensure that your snow plowing and de-icing needs are completely satisfied, we recommend that you call for a quote long before the snow flies Many people wait to arrange their winter services and then have to wait until a company can come and address the work required. Calling early ensures that your winter will be stress free. We pass our savings on to you. We can offer you a stress-free winter because, unlike other landscape and snow removal companies, we own our own yard. This makes it possible for us to buy our supply of salt early in the season, when salt prices are low. We buy in bulk at low prices and store the salt in our own facility all winter long. While other companies are at the mercy of a fluctuating price market from November to April, our prices remain the same throughout the season and we pass that savings on to our customers. Over the last three years, we have never run out of salt like our competitors. Our heavy duty snow removal system plus our commitment to our customers is a winning combination. We have the latest equipment to handle all snow removal and plowing. From plows to trucks and skid steers, there is no amount of snow that cannot be handled. We understand that snow plowing is often a job done at night or in the small hours before dawn. Commercial customers need the snow and ice removed before the start of the business day. Our team is punctual and dedicated. Snow removal from parking lots as well as sidewalks and de-icing are all part of our services to ensure clear pathways for our customers. Staying on the cutting edge is not only about equipment, it's about implementing environmentally friendly practices. Calcium chloride and magnesium are known to be more environmentally friendly to plants and vegetation that may be hibernating in winter. They are also is known to protect the integrity of sidewalks and bricks pathways, working faster than traditional salt. We offer calcium chloride and magnesium as an alternative option to our customers. Just ask!

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