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Outdoor Summer Lawn Maintenance Farmington MI

As summer approaches, many people begin to plan for their summer lawn maintenance. A healthy and well-kept lawn presents a place that is both welcoming and inviting. Added attention to detail like weeding, whipping, and edging add the beauty of clean lines, enhancing that positive presentation. Green Acres can help bring your overall property concept to the table and make it become reality, seeing it to fruition from beginning to end. Let us breathe life into your lawn and keep it healthy all summer long. Every lawn is different due to soil pH, sun exposure, watering conditions and past treatment. Let us build a custom plan that promotes vitality for your individual lawn. The first step to maintaining a great lawn is lawn mowing. New model mowers and well-maintained, sharpened blades are the key to a lawn that is cut correctly. Dull blades and old equipment burn the tops of the grass and create damage, giving it a yellowed appearance. We cut at the correct height, thus giving water and sun a chance to work naturally without drying out. We run our mowers at the proper speed as well, further preventing damage and marks your lawn. Over the years, we have taken classes and learned the proper technique to lawn mowing. Our crew has it down to an art form. Curb appeal is all about the final presentation. The eye follows the lines and contours of its surroundings. Edging the lawn and flower beds of your property ensures clean lines and definition to each section of your property. Weed whipping reaches where mowers cannot, paying attention to the fine details of your lawn. Finer grasses around trees, along sidewalks and against the property are cleanly cut. Clippings of grass are blown off to present a finished look and clean walkway. We trim bushes and trees to give your landscape beds a well maintained and healthy appearance against your lush lawn background. Routine weeding as well as planting flowers is just another service that we offer. We are proud to be members of the Michigan Nursery Landscape Association and can offer great advice on the right plants and flowers for all of your garden beds. Annuals can give you planting options and color changes, year after year. Perennials, on the other hand, can create a nearly care-free landscape. We are always happy to answer your questions about the best options for your property. Spring time clean ups are all about nurturing your lawn and bringing it back to life. The first lawn cutting is done along with cleaning out the leaves and debris that winter has left behind. A spring clean up is also a great time to address any problems your lawn may have suffered after the winter. In the fall, it is the clearing of the leaves and branches that prepares your autumn lawn for the upcoming winter. Flower beds are cleared and perennials cut back. Mulch installation for beds can be done either in spring or fall, depending on your landscape goals. Cleans ups are all about ensuring a thick, green lawn and healthy beds for the summer season. Our clean ups save you time and worry.

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